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Pete Doherty

Pete Doherty
Что-ж, наверное, это лучшая новость, какая может быть в день рождения Питера
The Libertines едут в Россию!!!

Впервые после 11 лет молчания легендарная английская группа The Libertines приедет в Москву, чтобы стать хэдлайнером Ahmad Tea Music Festival, который пройдет 27 июня 2015 года в московском парке МУЗЕОН.

Купить билеты на фестиваль Ahmad Tea Music Festival с 27 июня по 27 июня в Парк искусств МУЗЕОН

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Питер в России

Pete Doherty
В России вовсю развернулась зима. Москва и Петербург засыпаны снегом. Но что же делать Питу Доэрти, назначившему концерты на 7 и 8 декабря?

Он бодро надевает меховую шапку и пальто и отправляется в дальний путь. В этом наряде он выходит на московскую сцену, порядочно притомив своих фанатов ожиданием на улице и внутри клуба «Известия Холл». Он выходит, не выдавая своего душевного и физического состояния. Разве что блуждающий по залу взгляд и походка подтверждают закравшиеся подозрения поклонников. Тем не менее – «Delivery» дает старт празднику.

Photo by Carina Dmitrieva

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Интервью в Dailymail

Pete Doherty
My secret affair with Amy Winehouse, by Pete Doherty: Troubled rock star reveals the truth about their explosive romance

In his Paris hideaway, musician talks about that death plunge party
Doherty opens up about his 'nasty' split with Kate Moss
PUBLISHED: 22:01 GMT, 24 November 2012 | UPDATED: 08:05 GMT, 26 November 2012

Pete Doherty is gazing pensively out of the restaurant window. It is early evening and we are sitting in his favourite haunt: Wagon Bleu, a bistro near his apartment in central Paris. He is thinking about death and loss.
It is the mention of Amy Winehouse that has prompted his morose mood. Slowly, a single tear courses unchecked down his pale cheek. ‘This is difficult for me to admit,’ he says, shifting uncomfortably. ‘But, yes, it’s true. Amy and I were lovers. I loved her then and, well, I still do today,’ he adds, his head bowed. ‘But towards the end, as only lovers can, she became quite mean and cruel to me. She didn’t suffer fools .  .  . and believe me, she had a mean right hook.’
Winehouse’s death, in July last year when she was just 27, hit him hard. Clearly, too, her loss has brought back memories of another tragic death: that of Mark Blanco, a struggling actor and an acquaintance of Doherty, who fell to his death from the balcony of a London block of flats where both were partying in December 2006.

Pete Doherty was in a revelatory mood about much that he has always kept private

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Pete Doherty

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Pete Doherty

Pete Doherty dans le rôle d’Octave et Charlotte Gainsbourg dans celui de Brigitte, une veuve dont Octave tombe éperdument amoureux. | Photo DR

Pete Doherty Does Not Trifle With Love

The singer says he loves seeing the faces of the stars of yesteryear on old covers of Paris Match. He invites us to take a look at the book about Humphrey Bogart just fresh from one of these bookshops on the banks of the Seine where he likes to walk. Since the filming of "Confession of a Child of the Century", based on a novel de Musset, almost two years ago, Pete Doherty lives in Paris. For convenience, first, to simplify the preparation and rehearsals for his first film in which he plays a tortured libertine. Then by choice, since eventually he got rid of his house in the suburbs of London to settle in the Marais. And where the paparazzi leave him in peace. Sylvie Verheyde is close by the director who watches him carefully on two interviews, the singer, who usually does not like to talk, applies himself this time with goodwill. With a disarming sincerity. He mentions the first film he shot, his hectic schedule filming and his statements in an English newspaper on Charlotte Gainsbourg, he should never have made. Confessions of aformer Libertines singer.

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Cell Ceiling Blues (Nothing Comes to Nothing)

Pete Doherty
Rome XS Live 14-09-12 (GLasstudios71)

Demo of a new Pete Doherty track expected to be on his next album. Produced by Adem Hilmi
Cell Ceiling Blues (Nothing Comes To Nothing)

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ho capito perché

Pete Doherty
Сканы итальянского журнала Vanity Fair, сентябрьский выпуск.


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Исповедь сына века (отрывки)

Pete Doherty

Pete Doherty

1 - Jean Paul Gaultier stuns Paris Couture Week with a collection inspired by 'seductive, decadent dandy' Pete Doherty - and transgender model Andrej Pejic as star of the show;
2 - Gaultier's dandy cabaret wraps up Paris couture
- Пежич (и не только) в нарядах от Готье, вдохновлённым "Исповедью сына века" в исполнении Доэрти.

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Peter Doherty - Down For The Outing (2012)

Pete Doherty
New song by Peter Doherty for his future album. First recording (demo).

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Pete Doherty
Питер уехал лечиться в Тайланд от наркозависимости.
Пожелаем ему удачи, надеемся, что вторая попытка пройдет успешней!
Там он также планирует продолжить работу над новыми песнями для альбома, который мы все с нетерпением ждем.


Peter Doherty exclusive song and interview preview clip from forthcoming new show on sky Channel 200 'Hernu 'N Harris: Unhinged'. Out August 2nd 2012

Upd/ Из тайского рехаба пациент выписан досрочно «в терапевтических целях», чтобы не срывать лечение других пациентов

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Pete Doherty

Pete Doherty

Photo: Mathieu Zazzo/NME

У Пита готово 12 песен для нового сольного альбома!

Libertines man, who is now residing in Paris, told NME in an exclusive interview that he has 12 songs written and is currently working on them with producer Adem Hilmi. Asked about his plans for a new album, Doherty said that he owes record label EMI a new record and already has a producer in place for the album. Speaking about his future release plans, Doherty said: "I keep getting told that we're [his solo team] under obligation to fulfill the contract with EMI, so we're looking to put a new album together." He continued "His name [the producer] is Adem Hilmi and he works at Slaughterhouse Studios in Harlesden. He's taken my hard drive with a view to putting this album together. It'll be 12 songs." Among the new tracks slated for inclusion on Doherty's second solo album are 'Gambling Man' and 'Cell Ceiling Blues'. His last solo album, 2009's 'Grace/Wastelands', was produced by Blur and Smiths cohort Stephen Street.

To read the full interview with Pete Doherty, in which he discusses Amy Winehouse, his battle with drugs and The Libertines, pick up the new issue of NME, which is on UK newsstands and available digitally now.

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Pete Doherty
Запланированные события 26 марта-26 июля:

март (3: 26,29,31)
29/03/2012: Korjaamo, Helsinki, Finland - отменен
30/03/2012: Umeå Open in Umeå, Sweden - отменен
31/03/2012: Trädgår'n, Gothenburg, Sweden - отменен

апрель (6: 1,6,9,10,11,28)

июль (3: 3,5,6)
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Pete Doherty

Peter Doherty @Geneva Antigel - New Song Bird Cage/Shamblesdemonstration

Babyshambles new song - sunlight and snow

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Pete Doherty

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Pete Doherty
Завтра, 26/02, в Кэмдене, Лондон, состоится открытие выставки «Peter Doherty. ON BLOOD. A Portrait of the Artist!»
На своей второй персональной лондонской выставке Питер представит как уже известные картины, написанные кровью и акварелью, так и новые работы, а также у посетителей будет уникальная возможность познакомиться с коллекцией различных безделушек, карманных часов и старинной мебели, которую Доэрти собирает много лет.

How To Find:
The ‘Cob Gallery’,
205 Royal College Street,Camden
30 Seconds Walk From Camden Road Overground Station
5 Minutes Walk From Camden Town Tube Station

Pete Doherty: 'I have a distinct memory of friends I had at school whose parents were, for want of a better word, bohemian. That was the kind of England that I thought I should have belonged to'
Teri Pengilley

Pete Doherty: I was a bit unhinged

A Little Death Around the Eyes: 'I was going through my Sid Vicious phase which consisted of going around burping in public, living in Stoke Newington. This print belonged to my friend Paul. I took it and he's still looking for it, so this show is going to be a nice surprise'
Teri Pengilley

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Pete Doherty

Pete Doherty swings into the room, puts his beer-bottle down and takes off his battered Raskolnikov-style coat before removing his blue sweater and his T-shirt, too, without embarrassment.

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Pete Doherty

Peter Doherty