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Pete Doherty
Peter Doherty Exclusive interview at Reading Festival 2011

Lewis Donovan exclusively interviews Peter Doherty at Reading Festival 2011. Pete discusses the passing of Amy Winehouse and decision to cover one of her tracks, his experience of the London riots and the current state of British music.

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Pete Doherty

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Pete Doherty
Peter Doherty - In Love With a Feeling @ Wolfrun Hall, 20 Sep 2011

Pete Doherty pris au saut du lit à Monaco, 30 Sep 2011

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Pete Doherty

Pete Doherty

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опровергнутая статья Карлом

Pete Doherty
Карл и его менеджмент категорически опровергли сообщения желтой прессы о воссоединении "The Libertines" в 2012 году.
поживем-увидим :hi2:


Carl Barat and Pete Doherty (Pic:PA)

Festival-goers rejoice! Next summer will see the return of one of the best live rock acts of recent times.
I can reveal Pete Doherty and Carl Barat are reforming The Libertines for a full-scale UK and European tour.
It means live dates before the end of the year in the UK, followed by Europe next year and climaxing in the summer with a string of festival appearances.
And I even hear the boys are talking about a new studio album!
A music industry source reveals: “Pete and Carl really enjoyed reforming the band last year for the Reading and Leeds festivals. Now Pete’s out of prison and trying to stay clean, getting the band back together is his main priority.
“Fortunately Carl is open to the idea of touring and getting back to what they were famous for. So long as Pete is relatively on the straight and ­narrow, the world is their oyster.”
When the lads ­reformed last year Carl hinted it would be their final bow but now it seems as if he’s had a change of heart.
He said: “We’re reforming the band to play the songs people want to hear. We’ll be ­playing them like we’re playing them for the last ever time.”
The indie lads have had a troubled history. Originally forming in 1997 they split in 2004 over Pete’s heroin addiction and were rumoured to have been paid ­£1.5million the last time they reformed.
Pete’s only just out of prison after doing 12 weeks for possession of cocaine and still has one big court case pending where he could face up to five years after allegedly breaking into a German record shop and stealing a guitar.
It’s a huge shame Pete’s more famous for his drug use than his music. But with friends – ­including the mother of his child Lisa Moorish – telling me how well Pete has done since his ­release, maybe this is the chance he’s been waiting for to show he’s a ­music ­legend, too.

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Pete Doherty
23 Aug, 201121:08:12 BST

ltd edition signed bloodpainting print Peter Doherty
"in for a penny ..." self-portrait at Hackney Empire
Starting bid: £250.00

"charlotte gainsbourg" blood-painting by peter doherty
Price: £15,000.00

blood painting by Peter Doherty "bethnal Green riot"
original blood-painting of the August riots

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Черновик новой песни

Pete Doherty

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Pete Doherty
Pete playing this solo acoustic gig at the «The Blues Kitchen» in Camden 13/8/11

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Клуб 27

Pete Doherty
Полиция Великобритании подтвердила гибель знаменитой британской певицы Эми Уайнхаус, найденной мертвой в субботу в своей квартире на севере Лондона


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Pete Doherty
Питер Доэрти освобожден из тюрьмы.
5.7.2011: «On this bright sunny morning Peter was released from prison and thanks everyone for their valued support whilst inside». (On the website Albion Rooms)

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Pete Doherty

Помните, ограбление музыкального магазина в Регенсбурге, в городе, в котором проходили съемки фильма «Исповедь сына века»?
Если вина Пита в причастности к краже и нарушении общественного порядка будет доказана, то ему грозит дополнительный срок заключения до пяти лет.

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Pete Doherty

Pete Doherty
Preview of the Libertines film
Documental by Roger Sargent.
Premiere at East End Film Festival 2011

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Pete Doherty
Taken from the new EP coming May 22nd.

The EP contains Carl's recording of an unreleased Libertines track called 'Grimaldi', a new recording of 'Death Fires Burn at Night', a cover version of the Langly Sisters track 'Sing For My Supper' and 'This Is The Song' previously unavailable in the UK. Four live tracks recorded at a secret show Carl played at The Old Queen's Head in London in March 2011 will also be available on the EP.

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Pete Doherty
26.03.2011 — Kiev — Crystal Hall

rok.kiev.ua/britanskij-rok-ot-pete-doherty-v-ki... статья. фотографии. видео


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Pete Doherty

под катом одна из заметок о концерте. [весьма субъективная)]


Питер Доэрти в клубе Milk / 24.03.2011
Виктор Акифьев
взято отсюда



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Pete Doherty
Happy birthday, Peter!

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Pete Doherty

Пит Доэрти: Мертвенно-бледное лицо иконы стиля



sabotagetimes.com, фото: burgermoo, Guy Eppel/flickr.com

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Pete Doherty
Book which was written by Peter Doherty's mother (Jacqueline Doherty)
Pete Doherty: My Prodigal Son
A Child in Trouble, a Family Ripped Apart, the Extraordinary Story of a Mother's Love


Hardcover: 256 pages
First Publisher: Headline Book Publishing Ltd (August 31, 2006)
First published in paperback in 2007
Language: English
ISBN: 0755316088

For over three years Jacqueline Doherty has been watching her rock star son's messy descent into drug addiction. Every step of the way has been charted by a hungry media. And every step of the way has been agony for a loving mum. Pete Doherty's celebrity means that his addiction has become public property. But Jacqueline is a private person and her painful story is the story of any mum - or any parent - trying to help a child who has gone off the rails. This is the compelling story of Pete's childhood, his burgeoning talent, his success as a musician, and his drug addiction set against the backdrop of his loving relationship with his mother and his family. It is a moving memoir of how a happy, middle-class family has attempted to cope with a family member opting to love drugs more than he loves them, or himself. It is a memoir that will offer hope to other mothers and families in a similar situation.

She describes my descent in the book. I think it's a little bit exaggerated. I might have had a bit of an off-day one Christmas. And she saw it as this momentous occasion where she discovered I was a heroin addict. But really I just wasn't feeling well and I was looking a bit rough, the same as anyone would, heroin or no heroin.
«В этой книге она описывает мое падение. Я думаю, оно немного преувеличено. Возможно, у меня был неудачный день в какое-то Рождество. А она рассмотрела это день как важный для нее момент, в который она обнаружила, что я сижу на героине. Но я действительно просто плохо себя чувствовал и выглядел немного грубовато – так, как и все остальные, когда им нехорошо, с героином или без героина».

(from Peter Doherty interview: A rake's progress)

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Peter Doherty