Pete Doherty
Book which was written by Peter Doherty's mother (Jacqueline Doherty)
Pete Doherty: My Prodigal Son
A Child in Trouble, a Family Ripped Apart, the Extraordinary Story of a Mother's Love


Hardcover: 256 pages
First Publisher: Headline Book Publishing Ltd (August 31, 2006)
First published in paperback in 2007
Language: English
ISBN: 0755316088

For over three years Jacqueline Doherty has been watching her rock star son's messy descent into drug addiction. Every step of the way has been charted by a hungry media. And every step of the way has been agony for a loving mum. Pete Doherty's celebrity means that his addiction has become public property. But Jacqueline is a private person and her painful story is the story of any mum - or any parent - trying to help a child who has gone off the rails. This is the compelling story of Pete's childhood, his burgeoning talent, his success as a musician, and his drug addiction set against the backdrop of his loving relationship with his mother and his family. It is a moving memoir of how a happy, middle-class family has attempted to cope with a family member opting to love drugs more than he loves them, or himself. It is a memoir that will offer hope to other mothers and families in a similar situation.

She describes my descent in the book. I think it's a little bit exaggerated. I might have had a bit of an off-day one Christmas. And she saw it as this momentous occasion where she discovered I was a heroin addict. But really I just wasn't feeling well and I was looking a bit rough, the same as anyone would, heroin or no heroin.
«В этой книге она описывает мое падение. Я думаю, оно немного преувеличено. Возможно, у меня был неудачный день в какое-то Рождество. А она рассмотрела это день как важный для нее момент, в который она обнаружила, что я сижу на героине. Но я действительно просто плохо себя чувствовал и выглядел немного грубовато – так, как и все остальные, когда им нехорошо, с героином или без героина».

(from Peter Doherty interview: A rake's progress)

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2011-02-23 в 00:39 

If you were my mirror, I'm a narcissist
Кажется, это единственная биографическая книжка про Питера, которую я не читала. Если не считать Beg, Steal, or Borrow про шемблз и Kids in the Riot. Не хочу читать, потому что мне кажется эта книжка может меня слишком тронуть( :upset:

2011-02-24 в 00:42 

Pete Doherty
У меня похожие чувства. Но все-таки рано или поздно не удержусь.
Думаю если пропускать основную нить повествования, там есть артефактные детали.

2011-02-24 в 22:51 

If you were my mirror, I'm a narcissist
Pete Doherty да, наверняка что-то, о чём никакой, даже самый близкий друг Питера не знает. Опять же, хотим ли мы знать, какого цвета носил рейтузы Питер в возрасте 5 лет или пожелаем оставить это в тайне? :D :D :D its up ti us, really


Peter Doherty