Pete Doherty

Pete Doherty dans le rôle d’Octave et Charlotte Gainsbourg dans celui de Brigitte, une veuve dont Octave tombe éperdument amoureux. | Photo DR

Pete Doherty Does Not Trifle With Love

The singer says he loves seeing the faces of the stars of yesteryear on old covers of Paris Match. He invites us to take a look at the book about Humphrey Bogart just fresh from one of these bookshops on the banks of the Seine where he likes to walk. Since the filming of "Confession of a Child of the Century", based on a novel de Musset, almost two years ago, Pete Doherty lives in Paris. For convenience, first, to simplify the preparation and rehearsals for his first film in which he plays a tortured libertine. Then by choice, since eventually he got rid of his house in the suburbs of London to settle in the Marais. And where the paparazzi leave him in peace. Sylvie Verheyde is close by the director who watches him carefully on two interviews, the singer, who usually does not like to talk, applies himself this time with goodwill. With a disarming sincerity. He mentions the first film he shot, his hectic schedule filming and his statements in an English newspaper on Charlotte Gainsbourg, he should never have made. Confessions of aformer Libertines singer.

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