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Pete Doherty dans le rôle d’Octave et Charlotte Gainsbourg dans celui de Brigitte, une veuve dont Octave tombe éperdument amoureux. | Photo DR

Pete Doherty Does Not Trifle With Love

The singer says he loves seeing the faces of the stars of yesteryear on old covers of Paris Match. He invites us to take a look at the book about Humphrey Bogart just fresh from one of these bookshops on the banks of the Seine where he likes to walk. Since the filming of "Confession of a Child of the Century", based on a novel de Musset, almost two years ago, Pete Doherty lives in Paris. For convenience, first, to simplify the preparation and rehearsals for his first film in which he plays a tortured libertine. Then by choice, since eventually he got rid of his house in the suburbs of London to settle in the Marais. And where the paparazzi leave him in peace. Sylvie Verheyde is close by the director who watches him carefully on two interviews, the singer, who usually does not like to talk, applies himself this time with goodwill. With a disarming sincerity. He mentions the first film he shot, his hectic schedule filming and his statements in an English newspaper on Charlotte Gainsbourg, he should never have made. Confessions of aformer Libertines singer.

В конце августа 33-летнего певца видели в Париже на премьере экранизации романа Альфреда де Мюссе «Исповедь сына века». Пит сыграл в фильме роль Мюссе, а его любовницу – Жорж Санд – французская актриса Шарлотта Гейнсбур, дочь легендарного Сержа Гейнсбура и актрисы Джейн Биркин. Рецензии на фильм были прохладными, а игру Доэрти один критик назвал «катастрофой». Скромняга Пит, похоже, с этим не согласен. «Не знаю, хороший ли я актер, но, говорят, хороший», – утверждает он. После премьеры состоялась фото-сессия, во время которой Доэрти, по словам очевидцев, выглядел ужасно. Впору возвращаться в Таиланд.
В беседе с корреспондентом британского музыкального журнала “New Musical Express” Пит, которого никто за язык не тянул, сообщил, что во время съемок у него был мимолетный роман с Гейнсбур во время съемок «Исповеди». Она даже будто бы бросила своего давнего бойфренда, чтобы быть с ним. Однако спустя 4 дня вернулась во Францию, не выдержав стиля жизни Пита. Вся эта история, конечно, попала в СМИ и вызвала скандал. В итоге Доэрти, общаясь с корреспондентом британской газеты «Daily Mail», был вынужден выразить сожаление по поводу излишней откровенности. “Это была ошибка, – сказал он. – В тот день я выпил слишком много рому и здорово нанюхался кокаина… Лучше бы я этого никогда не говорил. Шарлотта теперь со мной не разговаривает“.

Photo: Hélène Pambrun

You presented "Confession of a Child of the Century" in Cannes. How have you experienced this exposure, do you hate interviews?
This day was very stressful. The Festival was like rape, and to see the film finally finished there was really strange, but overall I'm happy. I must see it again with a clear head now ...

This is the first time you are an actor. Why did you say yes to Sylvie Verheyde rather than all the other directors before her?
As soon as I read the sсript, I knew I had to be part of the project! I did not know the book, but the character and the power of the dialogue touched my heart.

Originally, Charlotte Gainsbourg was not your partner. What happened?
Marie-Josée Croze was going to play Bridget. Was practiced together for six months, but there were funding problems. Producers freaked out because: "Pete Doherty blah-blah-blah." They would not take the risk. As we did not have the money to shoot it and Charlotte Gainsbourg was interested in the project, they got rid of Marie to have Charlotte! It made me very, very sad, I was just beginning to get to know about Marie, I believe that I was falling in love with her ... And one month before the start of filming, they told us: "Charlotte is going to make the film! We can finally shoot! For everyone,
it was great news ... For me, hearing Charlotte's name was a shock.

Why? Did you know her?
I have not seen that in "Lemming", but of course I knew who she was. In France, she is considered to be a princess. For me, it was more related to her family. Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg are my heroes. I met Jane again in the street, having just moved to Paris, she lived near me. We went to a cafe and talked.

You play a libertine. We think necessarily of your first band with Carl Barât, The Libertines. You define yourself as such?
Yes, but not in the sense of debauchery. Rather in being free to choose whether I want to be decadent or to be clean. It is the idea of never being repressed.

Do you identify with Octave, Musset's hero?
I felt sympathy for him, and for his melancholy and at the same time for his thirst for life and adventure. But sometimes he didn't remind me of myself. I struggled to understand his behavior, paranoia, jealousy ... Why he did not give love a chance... of course I happen to be paranoid and jealous too, but not like him. Octave is crazy!

In the film, passion is a losing battle. Do you agree with this statement?
I believe in passion, but I also know that it contains an element of illusion. It is terrible to see how you can be mad about someone, have absolute faith in that person, and overnight, feel betrayed. To the point of not knowing if it was really true. Schopenhauer claimed that nature creates the illusion of romance just to maintain the survival of the species ... This idea depresses me, because, I believe in love ... grand love!

Have you often met love?
Once, for sure. But I think I've been in love twice. And I'm ready for a third.

Octave, your character keeps repeating that he wants to be a better man. Is this the case?
Absolutely! This is the most beautiful thing that can happen to a man, wanting to change for a woman! This is huge for me to tell someone: "You give me the desire to be better!" Because of my drug problem, I find it almost impossible to maintain a real relationship. It always ends with: "It's the drugs or me."

Have you tried to stop for a woman?
I'm trying right now. For myself already, and possibly a woman. Because I always say: "I can not wait for Laurie or Katia, whoever is finally the next, to see me sober."

How did you make sense of things and not get lost on the movie set?
It is terribly dangerous to be in a situation where you have to play physical love when, in real life, the girl is pretty and you really want to kiss her. There are no more boundaries between the film and reality. However, I had to kiss a lot of girls in this movie! Lily Cole for example ... I've never said, but it was really weird to be in her arms because it's someone I would fantasize of. While pretending to be in love ...

Do you regret the statements you made in the British newspaper "NME" whereby you had a brief affair with Charlotte Gainsbourg on the set?
I regret all the time what I said. It was really stupid and immature on my part. I drank too much rum and took coke too that day, and the reporter kept pushing me ... I should have never uttered those words. Today, Charlotte refuses to talk to me, and I cannot blame her. However, this film is not a bad memory. The problem was that she was pregnant by another man, and that it made an affair impossible. I could not be what she was expecting ...

You often said that you had to act on stage. Does playing comedy give you the most satisfaction?
I always loved doing that. When I was little, I did shows with my sister, and invented bizarre characters. I know that I want to do other films. But music will always be the essence of my life.

Do you have a project in the cinema?
Yes, I'll do something with French director Philippe Grandrieux who approached me during the Cannes Film Festival. It is the story of an Englishman who moves to Paris to escape the dealers who pursue him. It's about drugs, girls and cars. It will shoot in September 2013, so I have a year to repair my chocolate (?) and learn French.

What would be your ideal movie poster?
They have all died because I do not see any in modern film! However, I view everyday old movies on YouTube. Yesterday, for example, I watched "The influence of crime" with Barbara Stanwyck. In my dreams, I'd run with Humphrey Bogart and Katharine Hepburn. And resume the role of Frank Sinatra in a modern version of "The Man with the Golden Arm"! Among the actresses of today, I see myself having a rapport with Marie-Josée Croze. Or Charlotte's sister, Lou, whom I met once in the street ...

And the music? It seems that you have refused to reform The Libertines for the closing ceremony of the London Olympics ...
No ... or maybe so. But I'm always the last to know. What is certain is that I will write and produce new songs with The Libertines and play on stage with Carl Barât next year. At first, not a whole album ... on the other hand, I'll make another solo album soon!

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